recent projects
currently working on...
  • A whole house of custom VG Fir Cabinetry
  • Designing a new entry for repeat clients in Mt. Baker
  • A custom dining table and built-in bookcases on Queen Anne
  • Designing bed-side tables and bookcases on Queen Anne
  • Planning for a bathroom remodel in Ravenna
  • Designing a dining table for a client in Houston
Seven Hills Design is a small artisan shop with an emphasis on design and details. 

From small pieces of furniture to larger works such as residential additions, every project deserves exceptional attention to detail.  There is ownership and pride in every project, from conception to delivery.

Working with materials from steel or fir, I recognize that every material has a story.  Whether its the energy used to forge steel, or the environmental impact of logging in the northwest or the tropics, the hidden cost of every material must be considered, and respected.  At Seven Hills Design, the goal is to create products that have a quality and lifespan that respects the value inherent in every item taken from mother nature.